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Track sales orders and manage deliveries using our simple warehouse management system (WMS).


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A Complete Warehouse Management System

Manage warehouse operations effortlessly using ProfitBooks

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ProfitBooks’s online warehouse management software (WMS) simplifies your inventory workflow and helps you fulfil the orders with ease.

You can manage multiple warehouses, transfer stock between them and generate reports to get better insights about stock movement.

The powerful inventory management system connects with?accounts receivables,?cash management and ?inventory, so you don’t enter the same information twice.

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Track The Entire Inventory Lifecycle

Manage operations from the time materials enter a warehouse until they move out

Purchase Order Management

Create Purchase Orders, plan product re-orders and track supplies using ProfitBook’s Purchase Ordering system. You can allocate the inventory to desired warehouses at the time of recording purchase.

Sales Order Management

Track sales orders and manage deliveries using our simple ordering management system. Choose the warehouse closest to the customer at the time of sales order creation so you can deliver your order faster.

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Efficiently Manage Warehouse Operations

Track inventory flow across multiple locations on a single platform

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Transfer Stock Between Warehouses

Easily create a stock transfer document and shift stock between your warehouses.

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Receive Stock Into A Specific Warehouse

Specify the warehouse where you wish to receive the stock while creating purchase orders.

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Fulfill Orders From A Specific Warehouse

Specify the location you wish to send goods from while creating sales orders or invoices.

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Generate Warehouse Specific Reports

Easily check warehouse-wise stock, inventory value, low stock and much more.

Manage Supplier Relationships

Manage professional relationship with your vendors efficiently

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Vendor management is a key aspect in any business. Drive cost savings and save time during purchasing process by ensuring purchase orders are placed with your preferred suppliers more often.

  • Track accounts payables easily
  • Record various day-to-day expenses with vendors
  • Generate vendor’s transaction statements
  • Get aging reports on outstanding dues

Turn Your Transaction Data Into Insights

Reduce the manual data entry & get access to important reports in few clicks

Automatic Inventory Accounting

Integrated, real-time accounting journals are automatically posted at various stages of an order’s lifecyle.

Automatically recognize revenue and taxes, expenses and account for cost of goods sold so your P&L, balance sheet and accounts payable reports are up-to-date without manual intervention.

45+ Insightful Reports

Prevent fraudulent practices, track down errors, and be constantly aware of your business activities with actionable reports.

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Maximise Profitability And Efficiency

Packed with features to help you grow

Free Accounting Software

Drive cost savings and save time with ordering process efficiencies With ProfitBooks.

  • Reduce fulfillment costs by avoiding repetitive administrative tasks
  • Collect payments online from your customers
  • Bundle items together to sell as a single unit with Item Kitting
  • Always sell fresh stock with batch and expiration date tracking
  • Set reorder points and get timely notification when you need to replenish your stock

Take Complete Control Of Your Inventory

Watch how ProfitBooks Trade can help you manage inventory & systemise the operations

Simplify Purchase Workflow

Create Purchase Orders and email them to your vendors with one click. You can allocate the inventory to desired warehouses at the time of recording purchase.

Stock Control & Adjustments

Record stock transfer between warehouses, stock wastage, raw material consumption and production of finished goods – All from a super simple interface.

Maintain Product Batches

Organise products in different batches and specify batch numbers, manufacturing date and expiry dates. This helps a lot if you are a manufacturer or deal with perishable goods.

Create Multiple Users

You can add multiple users and even assign them specific roles. For example, an employee with ‘inventory manager’ role can only access the inventory function.

Maintain Multiple Warehouses

Create multiple warehouses to store inventory. You can even call them as Store, Location or Godown as per your business needs.

Support Multiple Currencies

ProfitBooks Trade supports all the major currencies. You even get a report that shows gain or loss due to currency fluctuation.

Great Value. Affordable Price.

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Great Value. Affordable Price.

Try ProfitBooks inventory management software risk-free for 15 days.

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  • Create Unlimited Sales Orders

  • Create Unlimited Invoices

  • Create Unlimited Products

  • Manage Unlimited Suppliers

  • Track Business Expenses

  • Create Invoices In Multiple Currencies

  • Get Insightful Inventory Reports

  • Accept Online Payments