“I knew nothing about accounting and naturally avoided doing it. ProfitBooks helped us streamline our finances with it’s super simple interface”

– Amit Mishra (CEO, Interview Mocha)

About The Company

Amitis founder at Interview Mocha – an Online Skill Testing Software which makes the recruitment process easier & faster.

Its a pre-employment testing solution for job-based skills assessment in IT skills, Business, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Language, ERP, Design, Development skills and many more.

Life before ProfitBooks

We used to create our invoices using MS Word. We had created a template which we used to change every time we wanted to create an invoice. Initially it worked for us but once we crossed 30-35 invoices, things became messy.

It was impossible for us to track how many invoices are paid or overdue. Then there was no control over the changes made to those invoices. We badly felt the need of a tool that will give us some meaningful reports based on our invoices.

How ProfitBooks Helped

I came ProfitBooks through one of their blog posts. They really write good articles every week. I signed up for a trial and pleasantly surprised by the overall user interface.

Being a technology guy, I never understood accounting and that’s why avoided it. ProfitBooks cleverly organised the menu items as income and expenses. Within few minutes, we started creating invoices without any training.

Big win for me was – Balance Sheet in a day as against couple of weeks earlier!

We are now in total control of invoicing and expenses, thanks to ProfitBooks.
– Amit Mishra (CEO, Interview Mocha)