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Jenifer Spencer

“Our transaction volume grew from 200 to 3000 orders per day. It would have been impossible to track the stock purchases  and fulfillment of sales orders without ProfitBooks.”

?  Jeniffer Spencer, Kole Imports. 

Take Complete Control Of Your Inventory

Watch how ProfitBooks Trade can help you manage inventory & systemise the operations

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Simplify Purchase Workflow

Create Purchase Orders and email them to your vendors with one click. You can allocate the inventory to desired warehouses at the time of recording purchase.

Stock Control & Adjustments

Record stock transfer between warehouses, stock wastage, raw material consumption and production of finished goods – All from a super simple interface.

Maintain Product Batches

Organise products in different batches and specify batch numbers, manufacturing date and expiry dates. This helps a lot if you are a manufacturer or deal with perishable goods.

Create Multiple Users

You can add multiple users and even assign them specific roles. For example, an employee with ‘inventory manager’ role can only access the inventory function.

Maintain Multiple Warehouses

Create multiple warehouses to store inventory. You can even call them as Store, Location or Godown as per your business needs.

Deal In Multiple Currencies

ProfitBooks Trade supports all the major currencies. You even get a report that shows gain or loss due to currency fluctuation.

Streamline Your Business Operations

ProfitBooks helps you see and control what’s going on in your business

White Label Software Provider

Whether you are manufacturing, distributing, selling, servicing, or just managing the inventory, ProfitBooks can handle all your business processes with ease.

  • Manage branch-level sales transactions
  • Track manufacturing processes
  • Send invoices & track outstanding dues
  • Track inventory flow at every step
  • Manage backing transactions & expenses

Turn Your Transaction Data Into Insights

Make informed decisions with 45+ reports

Get Sales & Product Insights

Find out sales performance, outstanding dues, warehouse wise stock and much more. Also get get actionable insights about products, like low stock items with few clicks.

Get Financial & Tax Reporting

ProfitBooks provides detailed tax reports on the items sold and purchased. This will not only save time during tax period but will also make your accountant happy.

Profitbooks - Free Financial Reporting Software

Manage Everything From Purchase To Sales

From income to expenses, track entire cashflow with ProfitBooks

Free Accounting Software
  • Create Unlimited Sales Orders
  • Create Unlimited Invoices
  • Create Unlimited Products
  • Manage Unlimited Customers
  • Manage Unlimited Suppliers
  • Create Bill of Materials
  • Track Business Expenses
  • Serial Number Tracking
  • Accept Online Payments
  • Add Additional Staff Members

Connect With The Best Applications

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Your Success Is Our Success

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“After evaluating almost 10 different software, we finally bought ProfitBooks
and it turned out to be the best decision for our business.”

– Mark Somers, Jackster Corp.

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