Frequently asked questions.

What is ProfitBooks?

ProfitBooks is an online accounting and payroll management software for small businesses. It helps you organize your office finances and keeps track of all activities related to your business. It also complies with managerial accounting standards. It comes hides the complex accounting terminologies and presents a very easy to understand user interface which anyone in your organization can understand.

Since this is an online application, no software needs to be installed on your computer. All your financial data is kept securely on our servers rather than on your computer giving you access your data from anywhere, anytime. Even if your computer is damaged, lost, or stolen, your data is safe and secure.

ProfitBooks aims to replace different softwares used in the office with one powerful application.

What about data privacy and security?

Your data is much safer at ProfitBooks than at your office or home computer. ProfitBooks is hosted on state of the art infrastructure with redundancy which means, if one site goes down, application will be accessible from another site automatically. Hourly backups are taken to protect the application data. We have team of IT experts who continuously monitor the servers.

ProfitBooks uses 256 bit encryption which is similar to bank level security to protect the data transfer from hackers.

Do you provide phone or email support?

Of course we do! Our support is available on call from 8am to 8pm everyday throughout the year. We aim to resolve queries sent by email within the same day.

I want to migrate from Tally, can you help?

Sure! We would love yo have you on board. Our support staff and experienced accountants can help you switch from Tally. Good decision by the way ;-)

How long I can use the free plan?

You can use it as long as you want. You can upgrade anytime to the paid plans whenever you are ready.

I don't want to pay on monthly/yearly basis, what are my options?

Based on your country, we can offer you a good deal on long term plans. Please get in touch with us.